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Dr. Balamuth works with children of all ages, and specializes in early childhood and autistic spectrum disorders.  

Dr. Balamuth is finely attuned to children’s innate need to be seen and nurtured into discovering who they are by forming deep and intimate bonds with others and with the world around them. His approach to working with infants, children and adolescents is informed by deep appreciation of the influences of developmental, family, sensory-motor and biological factors on the individual child.


His decades of studying, teaching and lecturing with Drs. Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, on the Floortime/DIR approach, have been central to his approach to working with children and families. In addition, Dr. Balamuth has been a consultation for educators and has been the school psychologist for the All Souls School, an Independent pre-school in New York City, for the past thirty years. 


Integral to Dr. Balamuth’s work with the child is his close work with the family. Depending on the child’s age and difficulties, therapy sessions may include the parent as part of the play session in his specially designated play room. Dr. Balamuth’s pediatric practice covers a wide range of difficulties such as anxiety, depression, trauma, autistic spectrum disorders, learning and attention challenges and medical problems, and he collaborates closely with the child’s teachers, pediatricians, learning specialists and coaches. 


Dr. Balamuth’s approach to child therapy is pragmatic, integrating psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and somatic-based approached such as somatic-experiencing and hypnosis.

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