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Dr. Balamuth is a certified member of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. He integrates hypnosis in his clinical practice to address a wide range of issues such as pain management, psychosomatics, insomnia, anxiety phobias. 


Hypnosis has had a rich and complicated history rife with controversy. It is too often met with skepticism and trepidation, which is often rooted in misconceptions. Current neuroscience and experimental studies have confirmed that hypnosis is a powerful method that allows us to harness the untapped capacities of our subconscious mind and utilize its resources to promote well-being, and diminish inner conflict and physical and emotional suffering. It is important to demystify hypnosis, and bring it in line with current scientific findings as a proven method of bringing self-awareness, a greater capacity for self-regulation and developing skills in managing stress, anxiety, PTSD and various physical symptoms. Dr. Balamuth considers hypnosis a powerful adjunct to psychotherapy in helping clients become aware of their changing self-states. With that awareness, clients can have a greater agency and mastery of negative self-states such as panic, anxiety, depression, self-deprecation and self-blaming. Dr. Balamuth utilizes natural, relational and collaborative hypnotic interventions that are intended to maximize clients’ ability to monitor, expand, and nurture their own potential capacities for self-regulation and awareness.

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