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Dr. Balamuth is licensed in Somatic Experiencing Therapy (SEP) and integrates both body-based methods and meditation practices in his work with both children and adults who have experienced trauma.

Central to Dr. Balamuth’s approach to the treatment of trauma is the critical role of the client’s awareness of their own resources - their resilience. Dr. Balamuth, who has trained with Dr. Peter Levine, the originator of Somatic Experiencing, offers a highly effective individualized method of trauma resolution to his clients, either as a specialized and trauma-focused intervention or as an adjunct to ongoing psychotherapy. The range of traumatic events that Dr. Balamuth has successfully treated using Somatic Experiencing includes motor vehicle accidents, medical and accidental trauma, sexual abuse, violent crimes and domestic violence.


Dr. Balamuth has a long-standing commitment to meditation practice, and he has studied with teachers from various spiritual traditions. Mindfulness meditation, along with a wide range of somatic and movement practices, informs his listening to his clients and supports the co-creation of a safe, containing space that nurtures a process of discovery and growth for both client and therapist.    

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